Story of Success – Struggle is Life

Story of Success – Struggle is Life

Inspirational Story – One who smiles must have been raised by suffering, one who walks will have blisters on his feet, one cannot shine without struggle, and one who flames will find light in that lamp. Why avoid conflict? Conflict is the essence of existence, and the more difficult the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

Story of Farmer on Struggle

Once, a farmer got really mad at God. The farmer worked very hard. He grew grains in his fields and took care of them, but his crops often went bad. Sometimes it would be dry, sometimes it would be hell, sometimes it would be very sunny, and sometimes it would rain.
One day, the angry farmer looked up at the sky and said to God, “O God, people say you know everything and that not a single leaf moves without your will, but I think you are a small man.” Don’t even know what’s going on. You don’t even know how to farm. If you did, then floods, storms, and storms wouldn’t happen so often. You have no idea how many losses farmers have to deal with. If you give me the power to make the weather do what I want, you will see that I will set up other people’s shops.

Gods Wise Words

God smiled when he heard this farmer’s harsh words, and then he appeared in front of the farmer and said, “From now on, you can make the weather on your fields do whatever you want. I won’t get in the way of your wish at all.” The farmer was very happy because he knew everything would work out.
In his field, the farmer planted wheat. When he thought the fields needed sun, he made sure they got it. When he thought it should rain, it did. He didn’t let storms, floods, or anything else happen on his fields.
He was very happy and started to think, “Now I’ll prove to God that this is the right way to use power. When he sees how well I’ve done, he’ll have to change his rules.” After a few days, the crops were ready to be picked. The farmer was very excited to start picking his crop, but as soon as he saw the wheat ears, he hit his head and started to cry.
Even a single ear of wheat had no wheat grains inside; the whole ear was empty from the inside. The farmer got very sad, and he asked God again, “Lord, what have you done to me? Have you punished me?” He wasn’t allowed to fight the weather or deal with the heavy rains. He also wasn’t allowed to lie in the sun. You didn’t give them even one challenge, so all of the plants stayed hollow on the inside.

Don’t Loose Hope You Have To Struggle for Life

When storms, heavy rains, and light happen, only these plants fight to stay alive. This fight creates a force that has power and energy, and this force is like your wheat grains. You didn’t let the ones who didn’t burst go through hard times, which is where they would have been born. You didn’t make your plants work hard enough, so there isn’t a single grain of wheat in any of the earrings.
Don’t forget that gold only turns yellow after it has been burned in fire, melted, and beaten with a hammer. A piece of coal can only turn into a diamond after going through hard conditions of high pressure and high temperature. In the same way, if there is no fight or challenge in our lives, we will also be empty like ears of wheat and have no being. We’ll own it.

Moral of The Success Story

Problems, trials, and hard times make us better people. Don’t freak out when hard things happen; instead, face them head-on. Having faith that you will get better and stronger.
Someone said, “Life isn’t easy, and no one is great without struggle. Even a stone isn’t a god until it’s hit with a hammer.” This is true.

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