If you want to stop losing hair every day, stop these bad habits right now


Hair Loss causes, bad habit for hair loss, If you want to stop losing hair every day, stop these bad habits right now

The problem of hair loss affects at least 70 out of 100 people today. Even when you comb your hair or run your hand through it, hair still collects in your hand and falls out. While combing the hair, the hair literally rots on the floor.

Because of this, some people experience premature baldness, while women experience thinner hair. People who fit this description are then called “Ujda Chaman” or “Gon Kesh.”

Without getting into the fun part, let’s just say that we all hope this never happens to us. Therefore, various precautions are taken to stop hair loss, but by that point, it is too late.

As a result, every day our hair falls within a certain range. But if there is excessive hair loss, something is undoubtedly wrong.

Actually, we are to blame somewhere for such hair loss. We occasionally make mistakes that result in hair loss.

The following should be completely avoided if you want your hair to be thick and full.

Not maintaining neat hair:

Maintaining healthy hair also means keeping it clean. Everyone’s hair texture will ultimately determine how frequently you should wash your hair.

While some people have dry hair, others’ hair can become oily without oiling. However, in general, the hair needs to be shampooed at least twice or three times per week.

If the hair isn’t washed, dust accumulates on it. Dust sticks to the hair because of the oil, causing dandruff and itching, which can result in hair loss. Stunted hair growth occurs. For this reason, it’s crucial to maintain clean hair.

Washing the hair should be done with a conditioning shampoo. Without it, the hair dries out. If the shampoo is not a conditioner, be sure to use a conditioner after washing the hair, then rinse it with warm water. The hair will stay shiny as a result.

emphasis on hair treatment

Many people have a habit of vigorously rubbing their hair with a towel after washing it. It has become customary to rub the scalp while using the oil. But doing so actually causes hair damage. The hair should therefore be handled with extreme gentleness.

Tangles form in the hair after a hair wash; to remove them, use a wide-toothed comb to separate the hair. The hair will break and the tangles will spread if a comb with small teeth is used. That is why care should be taken while using a comb as well.

Before tackling the rest of it, start by detangling the lower hair. First, don’t move the comb around the head. Only comb through the hair as necessary. Do not comb your hair for extended periods.

Lack of a healthy diet

Any beauty must originate internally. Consequently, it will be of no assistance if you use any of the pricey products listed above.

We also need to eat properly for our bodies to maintain healthy hair. Include nuts, peanuts, fruits, grains, pulses, leafy vegetables, and fruits in your diet.

Hair loss and thinning of the hair are caused by vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc, and iron deficiency.

Iron deficiencies in women are also caused by heavy menstrual bleeding. In addition, some diets deplete the body’s supply of vital vitamins, which triggers hair loss.

In addition to having low hemoglobin, many women also lack enough iron. Foods like dates, beets, carrots, and jaggery should be consumed during these times, in addition to any additional vitamins that the doctor may advise.

For hair coloring or styling, heat the hair:

Some people use hair dye to darken their hair as it becomes white. Natural hair color, on the other hand, causes less harm to the hair when applied. The dye causes the hair to receive additional heat which is bad for the hair.

While those with curly hair prefer it straight, those with straight hair prefer it curly. We don’t realize how much damage we are doing to our hair until after we have given it the necessary heat to shape it so that it can be styled differently. Hair falls out and breaks because of it.

avoiding haircuts

Many women desire long, thick hair and are unwilling to cut it. It’s a common misconception that if you don’t cut your hair, it will grow out beautifully.

If long hair is preferred, the top of the hair should be trimmed. Hair ends should be cut at least once every eight to nine weeks.

White hair pulled manually:

To cover up their gray hairs, some people pull them out. But because the hair’s roots are in danger, the hair in that area doesn’t grow well and grows more slowly.

There are many ways to cover gray hair, but removing it from the root is never an option. 

Irregular eating, and skipping breakfast:

To lose weight, people use a variety of diets. Breakfast is forgone on some of these various diets.

Between dinner and breakfast, more than 12 hours have passed. which ultimately harms our bodies. For this reason, it is advised to eat breakfast on time.

It will give the body the nutritional elements it requires, and our hair is no exception. Eating meals on time gives the hair the proper nutrition it needs to stay soft. A ketogenic diet is practiced by some people, but it can damage hair.

Bun ties:

Most people wear tight ponytails. The hair is pulled and braided firmly. However, this damages hair. The hair on girls’ foreheads pulled back in childhood and secured with a tight rubber band tends to recede as they age.

The hair should also be tied with a gentle hair tie. If using a hair clip, ensure that it is hair-friendly to prevent hair from getting tangled and breaking.

Many people style their hair with lotion or gel. However, side effects are unavoidable if it remains on the hair for a long time.

Instead of leaving such chemical products on the hair for a long time, let’s see if there is a natural alternative. Hair damage should be kept to a minimum.

Maintaining unruly hair in the sun:

Cover your head and hair with a scarf or hat if you plan to be in the hot sun. because even the sun’s heat can harm hair. The temperature of the hair rises.

Some people also have a habit of messing around with their hair. Simply putting your hands in your hair and twisting it falls under this description. playing with a butt that has been taken. We’re not even aware that doing so can permanently damage our hair.

Smoking Habit:

We are unaware that smoking harms hair as well. Smoking decreases both the nutrition your hair receives and the blood flow to the scalp.

Adding more pressure:

Stress is frequently caused by having little time to finish work because of problems in our lives. Too much stress causes our bodies and hair to suffer, which results in graying and thinning hair.

Stress should be avoided as much as you can. To achieve that, it is important to practice a proper diet, exercise, and meditation. 

Once you become aware of something happening in your hair, you should act right away. Since many women believe their hair is thinning as they get older, hair problems are frequently ignored, which causes the treatment of hair problems to be postponed.

Therefore, a doctor should be consulted if a change is observed. Your body is trying to communicate with you by changing your hair.

We should be aware that our hair is thinning and take care of it because some unfavorable changes are taking place in our bodies.


Important Notice: The facts in this article have been presented by research, expert opinions, and general public health. To give a basic introduction to the topic, this information is being provided. Before making any decisions, readers should, depending on their health, consult a doctor.


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