Keep this daily mentality and your life will change 100%.

Life Changing Mentality by

Life Changing Mentality, you have to Keep
this daily mentality and your life will change 100%.

mind is still the same, I still wake up thinking the same thing. And as soon as
we wake up the mobile operating is our habit. I am angry with someone, I love
someone, I want to make fun of someone, I show it to the world through the same
mobile phone, by posting status on Facebook, Insta and WhatsApp.

You have to Keep this daily mentality and your life will change 100%.

anger, infatuation, greed, jealousy, envy all these rise with my morning, and
this happens every day morning. Blaming to others, I drink my morning tea.
Expecting from others, this is dreams of my every day.

will dreams come true in which you do not contribute 100 percent. How can you
have peace of mind when you live blaming others everyday? How can you live
contentedly when you consider yourself 100 percent perfect. No one is 100
percent perfect. Tie this knot in your mind. Make mistakes and learn from them.
No one grows up in a day. This is the law of nature. Then how will you escape
from this?

have no money, my father is poor, I am sick, nobody supports me. No girl cares
for me. I don’t have a car. I don’t have internet. All these excuses will tell
you to simply do nothing.

who does rely on talent is never left behind. Stop making excuses, excuses will
only waste your time. and excuses will always hold you back.

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you don’t have money, work, get a job, do a paper distributing job, work as a
waiter, work at a petrol pump.

get nothing. So start working for someone, learn little by little every day.
You will definitely learn something.

out of the house, travel the world a bit. Because life is too short. And there
is so much to learn and see in this world. Just don’t make excuses. By giving
reasons you are only deceiving yourself.

at the world with positive thoughts. Look a little at your neighbors, learn a
little from those who have overcome their shortcomings and become successful
today. Just don’t make excuses.

go of shame if you want to live and do something in life. The excuses that the
work is small and the work is big only deceive you. Because no such work in
this world is small or insignificant. It is work and its benefit is the
importance of that work.

change your mentality, be sure to think a little while uttering the word no or
thinking negative thoughts. You will find the way there.

you earn 100 rupees a day today, think how to earn 50 rupees more tomorrow.
Just don’t make excuses. Now I am old. By saying I can’t do it, you’re missing
an opportunity.

one can stop age and time. So don’t waste the time you get without thinking
about your age. Don’t put an age limit on starting a new life, there is no
retirement in life. You have to fight till your last breath. As long as there
is breath in the body, we have to fight, whether it is with life or with our

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have no companion, no one has supported me. By making such an excuse, you make
yourself weak. Why will people support you, people are not exempt from their
problems. So first of all you should always be present for people. People will
support you.

have nothing in my life. It’s all over. All feel unwanted. The will to live is
over now. By giving these reasons, by making excuses, you too become a defeated
player without realizing your worth. That means you are the player who loses by
not playing the game. You are a person who gives up without living life.

are ways out of all this. If something doesn’t feel right, find out why I don’t
feel right. If everything is over, know the reason why everything is over for
me. We have the answer to all your problems. Write each thing down on a piece
of paper. While writing the problem, you will realize that the answer to the
problem lies with you. Only our negativity, our laziness is the real stumbling
block in our problem.

is gained by doing nothing. Just thinking doesn’t get everything. So add action
to whatever you think. Sometimes unnecessary thoughts also create your
problems. So avoid futile thoughts. Avoid making excuses.

will definitely become what you want. I hope this Post will make you Motivate
and Happy.


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