The story of the stepmother-English Moral story

The story of the stepmother-Switzerland’s Folk story

The story of the stepmother-Switzerland’s Folk story

Once upon
a time, there was a man living in a city. Sometime later, his wife died. He had
a daughter named Tom. Both father and daughter were living comfortably.

One day
the man decided to remarry. He got married but his second wife turned out to be
very smart. Within days, her stepmother began abusing Tom. She made Tom work
all day and never let him down. Many times she would not feed Tom and poor Tom
would go to bed hungry without saying anything.

A few
days later, a daughter was born to Tom’s stepmother. It was named ‘Com’. Tom
loved his younger sister very much. But her mother did not like it. Seeing Tom
and her darling daughter sitting at work, the stepmother would get angry and
say, “Get out of here, what have you been doing here since morning?”

A few
days later, Tom’s father died. Now the stepmother’s behavior worsened.

That big
house where Tom lived had a store room near the kitchen. She would sit there,
stay, and sleep at night. She was forbidden to go to other rooms in the house.
She could only go there for cleaning.

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Tom had a lot of work to do. She cleaned the house,
washed the clothes, cleaned the floor, and cooked for everyone in the house.
The sweet girl had to do many things like bathing the buffaloes, feeding them,
chopping wood, fetching water from the well. Sometimes she gets very tired
while working, but she doesn’t want to complain to anyone. That was poor Tom.

One day,
the mother-in-law said to Tom and Com, “Go fishing today. who will not
catch a basket of fish will be beaten and will not be able to eat at

Tom knew this warning was just for her. Com will not be
beaten and she will not be able to sleep without food at night.

Tom sat
on the edge of the lake from morning to evening. She filled her basket with fish.
But com was wandering around all day. She was lost in dancing, singing and
picking flowers all day long.

Com did
not catch a single fish until sunset. An idea came to her mind when she saw her
sister Tom’s basket full of fish. Then she said, “Sister, your face is
full of dust, why don’t you take a bath in this clean water. If mother sees
your dirty face, what will she say?”

Tom liked
the advice. There she went to the pool to bathe, and here Com put all the fish
in Tom’s basket into her basket, and she hurried away with the basket full of

When Tom
saw that there was no fish in her basket. Then she started crying loudly.

after seeing her cry, a mermaid came out of the pool and said to Tom,
“What happened, girl? Why are you crying so loudly?”

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Then Tom
told the whole story to the mermaid and said, “Protect me. When I go home
today, my stepmother will beat me hard. And won’t even give me dinner.”

mermaid reassured her, “Daughter, don’t worry, your days of trouble are
coming to an end. I have put a golden fish in your basket. Put it in the well
near your house. Then you will get what you ask for.”

thanked the mermaid and went home and dropped the goldfish into a well near the
house. Her stepmother said nothing to her that night.

Tom went
to draw water from the well so that he could see the golden fish and talk to
her. But if someone else went, he would hide the fish in the water.

stepmother had a slight suspicion that there must be someone in the well, with
whom Tom spoke in private. So the stepmother sent Tom one day for some work.

advantage of Tom’s absence, her stepmother pulled the fish out of the well.
Before Tom could return, his stepmother cooked and ate the fish.

When Tom
returned from work, she went to the well. When she got there, she started
calling the fish. But the fish did not answer. If there were fish, I would have
got some answer. Tom hit his head on the wall of the well and started crying.

At that
moment, the mermaid came and said, “Daughter, shut up, there is nothing to
cry about. Your stepmother has eaten the fish. She has thrown the bones of the
fish in the field in front of you. You pick up the bones and bury them in your
room. Then you won’t have any trouble. “

Tom did exactly what the mermaid told him. Immediately
after burying the fish bones, Tom found a beautiful dress and sandals.

 The next day was the festival. Millions of people flocked
to the festival to celebrate. But that morning Tom was ordered to stay home.
Her stepmother deliberately mixed two large baskets filled with gram and rice.
She didn’t want to take Tom to the fair. She was convinced that the work would
not end and that Tom would not be able to go to the fair. She said to Tom,
“Tom, you stay home and separate the gram and the rice. Nothing to worry about.
This is a short-term job, finish it early and come to the fair. ”

this, the stepmother and her daughter Com both went to the fair in beautiful

There were tears in Tom’s eyes as they left, and she
began to cry. She also wanted to go to that fair. She often wondered why there
was such a difference between her and me when we were both daughters of the
same father.

Tom let out a sigh and said, “Help me,

Hundreds of birds gathered there at that moment. In a few
moments all the birds separated the gram and rice. Tom quickly got ready to go
to the fair. She was wearing the same red dress and slippers she had found
yesterday after burying fish bones. Tom looked like a princess in that dress.

When Tom arrived at the fair, Com was very surprised to
see her. She whispered in her mother’s ear, “Look, mother, what a
beautiful girl she is. She looks like a princess. Her face looks like my sister

On the other hand, when Tom saw that his stepmother and
com were staring at him with wide eyes. Then she started running away. One of
her slippers stayed there hurriedly. While walking there, the soldiers picked
up the slippers and went to give them to their king.

The king looked at the slippers very carefully. The
slippers were beautiful. The king had never seen such beautiful sandals before.
The king immediately announced that he would catch the girl wearing such
sandals and bring her to the court. The soldiers rode on their horses to the
fair and grabbed Tom and brought him to the king.

As soon as the king saw Tom, he decided to make Tom his

 The two got married. Tom began to live comfortably in the
palace. Now she was not worried about anything.

But this incident made her stepmother and Com very sad.
They both wanted to kill Tom, but they were afraid of the king.

Tom’s father’s birthday was to be celebrated in a few
days. So Tom went home.

When Tom went home, her stepmother smiled fakely for the
first time and said, “My daughter has reached a very good place. God bless you
both. “

After a while, she said with a serious expression on her
face, “Today I want to give coconuts to beggars. How much better it would be if
you broke the coconut yourself and gave it to the beggars.

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Tom was overjoyed and climbed the coconut tree. As soon
as she reached the end of the tree, the coconut began to cut, and then the
stepmother cut the tree from below.

The stepmother was very happy inside, but there were also
artificial tears falling from her eyes outside. She went to the king crying.
Going there, she started shouting loudly, “Sir, I have been robbed! My daughter
died after falling from a coconut tree. Oh God, why didn’t you pick me up?

The king was deeply saddened by Tom’s death.

But Tom had fainted after falling from that tree, she
hadn’t died.

An elderly woman picked up Tom and took him home. The old
woman had no children. She treated Tom with all her money. Tom recovered in a
few days.

The stepmother, on the other hand, wanted the king to
marry her daughter Com and make her daughter queen. The king did not object and
married Com.

One day the king went hunting in the forest. Night fell
while hunting, and the king forgot the road and decided to spend the night in
the forest. There was no house or inn nearby. The king saw a lamp burning in
the distance. He went in that direction. When he got there, he knocked on the
door. Then the old woman opened the door.

The king said, I am the king, it was night while hunting.
I would be very grateful if you would let me stay here tonight. I will be
leaving in the morning. “

The woman seated the king inside. This was the house where
Tom lived.

The woman gave the food to the king. The meal was tasty
and the prepared food was the king’s favourite.

The king asked the woman, “Mother, who made this

My daughter.” The woman replied.

Where is your daughter?” The king asked.

The old woman stood Tom in front of the king and said,
“This is my daughter.”

The king was overjoyed to find Tom again. Tom told the
king the whole story.

The king imprisoned Com and her mother.

Now her stepmother and com know that it may be late in
the house of God, but there is never darkness.


There are always results of what you did in the Past. so do the right thing in your life and with others.

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