The Bloody Lake – No.1 Moral Stories in English

The Bloody Lake - Moral Stories in English

The Bloody Lake – Moral Stories in English


The Bloody Lake – No.1 Moral Stories in English: Stories are loved by everyone from young to old. Because the story has the power to keep a child, or a person, in one place. The story also entertains you and teaches you good things. Today I am telling you such a parable – No.1 Moral Stories in English – Bloody lake here. Which will give you moral knowledge along with entertainment.

This is a story of unity. If we all have unity, no crisis will last long in front of us. Let me start the story.

No.1 Moral Stories in English the Bloody Lake

It is a thing of the past. There was a lake in the forest. Which was known as the Bloody Lake. If anyone went to the lake in the evening to drink, they would not return. One day, a deer came from a long way to live in the forest. The deer’s name was Tutu.

While living in the forest, he met a Chintoo Monkey. The Chintoo Monkey told the deer all the information about the forest. Which road goes where, how dense the forest is. He said it all but forgot to tell about that Bloody lake. The next day, the Chintoo monkey introduced the deer to all the animals in the forest. Tutu was very happy to meet everyone.

In the forest, Tutu deer made many friends, but one of them, a rabbit named Miku, became his close friend. Whenever Tutu was thirsty, he would go to the same pond for drinking water. And in the evening he would go to the same pool to drink water.

One evening when he went to the lake to drink water, he saw a crocodile attacking at high speed towards him. Seeing him, he was scared and Tutu ran toward the forest. On the way, he met his special friend Miku rabbit.

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English Stories with Moral – The Bloody Lake

Miku asked Tutu the deer why he was running with scared so fast. Then the deer told him everything that had happened to him. Then Miku the rabbit said to him, I forgot to tell you, that is a bloody lake. Any animal that goes there in the evening to drink water never comes back.

But how did he get into that lake? We have never seen him in this forest till today. This means that the crocodile eats all the animals that go to the lake in the evening to drink water. Then all the animals got scared. Now, where will we go to drink water? Then Miku the rabbit said no one should be afraid, we will all go to him tomorrow and drive him out of the pond.

The next day Miku the rabbit went to the lake with all the animals in the forest. Seeing all the animals coming together towards the ponds,  the crocodile hid. Yet the crocodile’s back was still visible on the water. The crocodile thinks they can’t see him.

Then all the animals said loudly that the object was seen floating on the water. He is a crocodile. And many slang has given by those animals to the crocodile. But he did not say a word. Then Miku Rabbit fought a trick. And he began to speak. It is not a crocodile, it is a stone. But he has to speak for himself to prove that it is a stone. like I’m a stone.

And crocodile got caught in the Miku rabbit’s trick and he said, Yes! I’m a stone. And all the animals know that he is a big crocodile. Then Miku the rabbit said to the crocodile, “Do you not know that the crooked and stupid crocodile because the stone never speaks?” And all the animals together drove the crocodile out of the pond and banned him from returning to the forest.

Moral of the story

The lesson we learn from this story is that if we deal with any crisis, and deal with it wisely, we can get rid of it quickly.

So, friends, this is The Bloody Lake – No.1 Moral Stories in English, tell us exactly how you felt and read this story to your children. Because children learn early through storytelling and develop good grades. We are posting such interesting and instructive stories on our website. 

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