The full story of Gautam Buddha

The full story of Gautam Buddha in English

 Gautama Buddha's life Story

Buddha life Story: Friends, today we
are telling you The full story of Gautam Buddha. There are millions of
people all over the world who believe in Lord Gautama Buddha and practice his
religion. People who believe in Buddhism are called Buddhists. The followers of
Buddhism are mostly in countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal,
China, Japan, Malaysia, Bhutan, etc.


The full story of Gautam Buddha in English

Gautama Buddha was born in 563 BC at a place called
Lumbini in Nepal. Gautama Buddha’s father was a king. His name was Shuddhodhana
and his mother’s name was Mahamaya. In earlier times it was a custom that the
mother used to go to her maternal home at the time of the birth of the child.
When Gautama Buddha was about to be born, Mahamaya was on her way to
Kapilvastu, her maternal home, when she started having labor pains on the way.


Due to this, she gave birth to Gautam Buddha under a tree
on the way. Gautam Buddha’s mother died 7 days after the birth of Gautam
Buddha. After this Gautam Buddha was brought to King Shuddhodhana. King
Shuddhodhana called many Brahmins to name Gautam Budha.


The Brahmins Gave Name to Buddha

They named Gautam Buddha Siddhartha Gautama. The Brahmins
predicted about Gautam Buddha, that Gautam Buddha would grow up to be either a
great king or a great monk. King Shuddhodana wanted to make Gautam Buddha a
great king, so he kept Gautam Buddha away from all kinds of religious
activities from childhood.


Gautama Buddha was raised in childhood by his aunt. King
Shuddhodhana did not even allow Gautama Buddha to leave the palace. He had
arranged for Buddha’s education inside the palace itself. But Gautama Buddha
was very kind since childhood. He could not see anyone’s sorrow.


Once his cousin Devadatta shot an arrow at a swan. But Kindness Gautama treatment to swan. At the age of 16, Gautam Buddha married Princess Yashodhara.


Gautama Buddha Leaves Palace

When Gautam Buddha grew up and stepped out of his palace,
he saw sickness, worldly misery, and old age in the world. He wanted to find
answers to all these questions. For this quest, he left his father’s palace one


He took a bath in a river, cut his hair, and came in
the disguise of a monk. After that, he started begging. Asking for alms, he
approached the Magadha king Bimibasar. He recognized Gautam Buddha and offered
to Gautam Buddha some land in his kingdom but Gautam Buddha turned it down.


After this Gautam Buddha left from there. The Buddha
later learned yoga and meditation. Which he kept practicing. After some years
he reached Bodh Gaya. In Bodh Gaya, he meditated under a Peepal tree for 49
days. After which he attained divine knowledge.


At that time Gautam Buddha was 35 years old. After which
he roamed till the age of 80, spreading his message to the people and helping
people. Gautam Buddha died in Kushinagar. Even today after his death his
messages are known as Buddhism.

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